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CASE*track Training

Recording & Reporting Immigration Matters

Duration: Half Day

Venue:  Various / In-House

This course focuses on how CASE*track may be used for recording and reporting Immigration Matters for LAA purposes.  The tutor will not provide advice on how to deal with clients who are experiencing problems related to immigration issues.

We look in particular at:

  • Creating a new case
  • Claiming Fees & Additional Payments
  • Recording Non-GFS Matters
  • Linking Matters, i.e. adding a second stage and/or Additional Payments
  • Recording Time / Activities including Travel to Detention and Judicial Review Form Filling
  • Recording Disbursements and Counsel time
  • Creating Stage Claims for pre and post October Matters
  • Closing a Matter, end point validation
  • Closing a matter / case
  • Recording VAT exempt Matters
  • How Immigration Matters are reported to LAA
  • How interpret the information on the CMRF Log

Contact:  email: christine@zebracomputer.co.uk or telephone: 03444 781818 Ext 3