Zebra Butterfly

The CASE*track 3 CD

What's in the package?

The CD pack contains the CD and a slip reminding you to look on here and on the CD for documentation - there is no paper release note or manual with this release.

What's on the CD?

The CD contains everything you need to install CASE*track 3 on your system, including step by step instructions to ensure a smooth installation. 

To accommodate changes as they arise, CASE*track 3 includes an internet update feature.  Every time you start CASE*track 3, it will check to see if a new version is available, and offer to download and install it for you if there is.  If you accept - and you should - then the new version will be downloaded to your machine and the old one will be deleted.  Note that a Windows security dialog will appear at this point asking for confirmation that you want to delete 'Casetrack.exe' - you should answer 'Yes' to this dialog.

ZCS Live

This is a dedicated web page accessed from within CASE*track 3 that we use to keep you informed about new features, changes, bug fixes etc as they appear.  Once your new CASE*track 3 system is running and you have access to ZCS Live, then you should check it every day.