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Quantus has been designed to assist with the demands of a busy waiting room.  It keeps track of drop-in clients, shows when advisers are available, manages appointments for block advice sessions and makes it easy to enter a client's name into an appointment slot from any computer.

The advice session supervisor has an overview of what is happening in the waiting and interview areas at all times.

Caseworkers' appointments are listed and it is possible to reserve a room for an interview.  If caseworkers have Quantus on their own workstations, they can see when their clients have arrived.  The screens are refreshed every 60 seconds.

Quantus is simple to use; everything is shown on the one screen.  Although to obtain the full benefit from Quantus it is best run on a network in an organisation with reception facilities, it may be used on a stand alone machine if required.

With Quantus you can:

  • Create an Adviser Rota and see a list of advisers available for the day - including the time from which they are available.
  • Record the arrival time of clients and, if appropriate, the subject matter of their problem.
  • Record the time the client goes into the interview room, which adviser they are with and which room they are in, making it easy if you want to pass a message to an adviser.
  • Record the time the client leaves the interview room.
  • List all caseworkers' expected appointments and the requested interview room number.
  • See the time that the next adviser should be available to interview.
  • See when caseworkers' appointments have arrived.
  • Record the number of clients that leave without interview.
  • Make block bookings for regular advice sessions - clients may be allocated an appointment with minimal effort.

You can also:

  • Give a client a time to return when there will be an adviser available.
  • Record when the returning client comes back etc.
  • Manage meeting and training rooms so that everyone can see when they are booked for events.
  • Maintain the 'Adviser Rota' - the block builder can create the daily rota for any selected period.
  • Reports are available regarding arrival times, the length of waiting / interviews etc.