Topaz has been developed for organisations wanting a straightforward case management system which is easy to use, yet provides all the information required to manage cases efficiently.  It also generates the statistics required by funding bodies and to meet organisational needs.

The 'New Client' wizard moves you through creating the first record and after that, opening new cases and recording new categories of work for that client are just a matter of a click or two.  The layout is easy to understand and everything pertaining to the client is available from one window.

You can disable the features that are not required.  You do not need to click through windows that are of no use to you.

Topaz may be used to record:

  • Client details and demographics
  • Statistics to do with the case
  • Case / attendance notes
  • The individual issues involved
  • Details of other parties involved in the case
  • Time taken (timer available on case sheet if required)
  • Work involved, e.g. interview, letter, representation
  • Value of work, including a running total (if required)
  • Money Advice including a Common Financial Statement (if required).

If you provide advice to other organisations this too may be recorded.

Reporting is easy.  Some reports are built in and a wizard is available to guide you through selecting the required criteria to create your own.  Once you have selected the criteria for a particular report this may be saved as a template, which enables you to run the same report on a regular basis by just changing the period, i.e. month, quarter, year etc.